Saturday, November 21, 2015

Death Camas (Toxicoscordion venenosus)

4/30/05 Roadside seep past Davy Brown trailhead, Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara County, CA 

4/30/05 Figueroa Mountain Road (ditto above)


COMMON NAME: Death Camas

SPECIES: Toxicoscordion venenosus

FAMILY: Melanthiaceae (Bunchflower Family)


LOCATION: Roadside seep past Davy Brown trailhead, Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara County, C


From Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Bulb 12--25 mm diam, widely ovate; outer coat +- brown.

Stem: 15--70 cm, glabrous. 

Leaf: 10--40 cm, 4--10 mm wide, scabrous-ciliate. 

Inflorescence: raceme except occasionally with 1 branch below, 5--25 cm; bracts 5--25 mm, white-membranous to generally green; pedicels in fruit spreading to generally ascending, 3--25 mm. 

Flower: bisexual; perianth parts 4--6 mm, +- ovate, obtuse, outer generally with claw < 5 mm, inner clawed, gland distal margin evident or not; stamens =, occasionally > perianth; styles erect. 

Fruit: 8--14 mm, cylindric. Chromosomes: n=11.

Ecology: Moist meadows to dry rocky hillsides; 

Elevation: < 2600 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: NW, CaR, SN, CW, WTR, PR, GB, DMtns; 

Distribution Outside California: to British Columbia, central United States, Arizona, northern Baja California. 

Flowering Time: May--Jul 

Synonyms: Zigadenus venenosus S. Watson var. venenosus

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