Saturday, February 13, 2016

Hackelia velutina (Velvety Stickseed)

 7/9/07 Roadside above 6,000' Hwy. 88 (Carson Pass Hwy.),
El Dorado National Forest, Sierra Nevada, Amador County, CA

 7/9/07 Hwy. 88 (Carson Pass Hwy.)

7/9/07  Hwy. 88 (Carson Pass Hwy.)

7/7/07 Meadow off Hwy. 108 (Sonora Pass Hwy.), just west of Sonora Pass 
Historical Marker, elevation 9,624,' Stanislaus National Forest, 
Sierra Nevada, Mono County, CA

 7/7/07 Hwy. 108 (Sonora Pass Hwy.)

7/7/07 Hwy. 108 (Sonora Pass Hwy.)

7/1/05 Large meadow below Tyee Lakes Trailhead, South Lake, Inyo National Forest,
Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA

7/6/02 Minaret Vista, elevation 9,265,' Mammoth Lakes region, Eastern Sierra, 
Mono County, CA


COMMON NAME: Velvety Stickseed

SPECIES: Hackelia velutina

FAMILY: Boraginaceae (Borage Family)


LOCATION: Minaret Vista, elevation 9,265,' Mammoth Lakes region, Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

Stem 4–8 dm; hairs generally spreading, ± dense below middle, ± dense to ± sparse above

Leaves: caudex generally 5–17 cm, 5–20 mm wide, narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate; lower cauline ± similar, often smaller, becoming ovate to narrow-lanceolate above, ± clasping above middle

Flower: corolla dark to purplish blue, tube generally >> calyx, limb 12–20 mm wide

Fruit: nutlets 4.5–6.5 mm, facial prickles many, ± as long as marginal

Ecology: Dry, open slopes, forest clearings, roadsides

Elevation: 1300–2500 m.  

Bioregional distribution: High Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada 

Synonyms: H. longituba I.M. Johnst

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