Thursday, March 16, 2017

Eremothera boothii ssp. condensata (Booth's Evening Primrose, Shredding Primrose)

3/4/17 Shaver's Valley, E. Riverside County, CA

2/6/05 Meccacopia Jeep Trailhead/wash (bisecting Orocopia Mtns & Mecca Hills 
Wilderness areas) on south side of Box Canyon Rd., west of Sheep Hole
Oasis Campground. Mecca Hills, Riverside County, CA


COMMON NAME: Booth's Evening Primrose, Shredding Primrose

SPECIES: Eremothera boothii ssp. condensata 

FAMILY: Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 2/6/2005

LOCATION: Meccacopia Jeep Trailhead, Box Canyon Road, Mecca Hills, Eastern Riverside County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Plant stout, +- glabrous, except inflorescence minutely strigose or glandular-hairy; rosette well developed. 

Stem: 5--20(30) cm. 

Leaf: 25--100(130) mm, generally lanceolate to oblanceolate, +- entire to minutely dentate. 

Inflorescence: bracts inconspicuous. 

Fruit: 2--3.8 mm wide, curved outward. 

Ecology: Sandy slopes, washes, desert scrub; 

Elevation: -70--1200 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: D; 

Distribution Outside California: to southern Utah, western Arizona, northwestern Mexico. 

Flowering Time: Feb--May 

Note: Intergrades widely with Eremothera boothii subsp. desertorum

Synonyms: Camissonia boothii (Douglas) P.H. Raven subsp. condensata (Munz) P.H. Raven; Oenothera boothii subsp. condensata (Munz) Munz

eFlora Treatment Author: Warren L. Wagner & Peter C. Hoch, family description, key to genera, treatment of genera by Warren L. Wagner

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