Saturday, February 6, 2016

Angelica lineariloba (Sierra Angelica, Soda Straw)

 7/3/16 South Lake Road, south of Bishop Creek Lodge, 
Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA

7/3/16 North Lake Rd., Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra,
Mono County, CA

8/15/11 Onion Valley, Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA

 7/4/02 Hwy. 168 to Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, 8.500' elevation, 
White Mountains, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA

8/14/04 Roadside near South Lake, Bishop Region, Inyo National Forest, 
Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA

 7/8/00 Onion Valley

7/8/16 Dunderburg Meadow Road from Virginia Lake Rd., 
Toiyabe National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

7/9/07 Silver Lake (Kay's Silver Lake Resort), Hwy. 88, Carson Pass Rd., 
Central Sierras, Amador County, CA


COMMON NAME: Sierra Angelica, Soda Straw

SPECIES: Angelica lineariloba

FAMILY: Apiaceae (Carrot Family)


LOCATION: Onion Valley, Independence Region, Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

Plant 5–15 dm, nearly glabrous to scabrous

Leaf 1–3.5 dm, triangular-ovate, 2–3-ternate-pinnately dissected; segments 2–10 cm, linear to linear-oblong, acute, entire

Inflorescence scabrous; bracts, bractlets 0; rays 20–40, 3–7 cm, subequal; rays, pedicels not webbed at base

Flower: petals, ovary roughened to becoming glabrous

Fruit 10–13 mm, oblong to wedge-shaped

Ecology: Rocky open slopes

Elevation: 2300–3000 m.

Bioregional distribution: c&s High Sierra Nevada, East of Sierra Nevada

Distribution outside California: Nevada

Flowering time: Jun–Aug

Synonyms: var. culbertsonii Jeps

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