Sunday, February 28, 2016

Eriogonum deflexum var. baratum (Flat-topped Buckwheat)

8/15/11 Lower elevations of Onion Valley Road, Inyo National Forest,
Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA


COMMON NAME: Flat-topped Buckwheat

SPECIES: Eriogonum deflexum var. baratum

FAMILY: Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)


LOCATION: Lower elevations of Onion Valley Road, Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

[Group 2] Annual 5–200 cm

Leaves ± basal; blade 10–40 mm, round to reniform, white-woolly below, tomentose above

Inflorescence cyme-like, ± unevenly branched, generally ± widely spreading, glabrous; bracts scale-like; involucres on generally reflexed stalks, 1–3 mm, ± unribbed, teeth 5

Flower: perianth 1–3 mm, white to pinkish, glabrous, outer lobes generally cordate at base, inner ± narrow

Fruit 1.5–3 mm, glabrous

Ecology: Sandy desert scrub

Elevation: < 2900 m.  

Bioregional distribution: Tehachapi Mountain Area, s San Joaquin Valley, Transverse Ranges, East of Sierra Nevada, Desert 

Distribution outside California: to w Utah, w New Mexico, nw Mexico

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