Saturday, December 17, 2016

Chamerion angustifolium (Fireweed)

 7/8/16 Lundy Canyon Trail, Inyo National Forest, 
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

8/15/04 South Fork Bishop Creek, Eastern Sierra, Inyo County, CA 
7/8/00 Onion Valley, Eastern Sierra, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA



SPECIES: Chamerion (formerly Epilobium) angustifolium ssp. circumvagum

FAMILY: Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 7/8/2000

LOCATION: Onion Valley, Eastern Sierra, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA


Treatment from Jepson eFlora:


Habit: Plant < 30 dm, generally strongly colonial, +- glabrous to densely strigose distally. 

Leaf: 1.5--20 cm, lanceolate; midrib strigose abaxially. 

Inflorescence: dense, generally canescent. 

Flower: petals generally deep pink to magenta; stamens < pistil, pollen blue-gray. 

Fruit: 4--10 cm, gray-hairy; pedicel 7--20 mm. 

Seed: 1--1.3 mm. 

Ecology: Common. Open places, gravel bars, roadsides, especially after fires; 

Elevation: < 3300 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: NCo, KR, NCoRO, CaRH, SNH, SnBr, W&I, ne DMtns; 

Distribution Outside California: circumboreal. 

Flowering Time: Jul--Sep 

Note: Chamerion angustifolium subsp. angustifolium (2n=36), farther northern and at higher elevations, might be expected in California. 

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