Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Geranium molle (Dovefoot Geranium, Woodland Geranium) - Non-Native

5/19/01 Gabrielino Trail (JPL to Oakwilde), Lower Arroyo Seco, San Gabriel Mountains,
Los Angeles County, CA

 4/30/00 Gabrielino Trail (JPL to Oakwilde)

 4/30/00 Gabrielino Trail (JPL to Oakwilde)

4/27/03 Gabrielino Trail (JPL to Oakwilde)


COMMON NAME: Dovefoot Geranium, Woodland Geranium

SPECIES: Geranium molle

FAMILY: Geraniaceae (Geranium Family)


LOCATION: In shaded areas (under tree canopies), Gabrielino Trail (JPL to Oakwilde), Lower Arroyo Seco, San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

Annual, biennial

Stem decumbent to erect, 1–4 dm, ± soft-hairy

Leaves: lower 4–12 cm; blades 1–5 cm wide, 5–7-lobed; lobes rounded, ± toothed

Flower: pedicels 5–20 mm; sepals 3–4 mm, acute; petals ± = sepals, notched, red-purple

Fruit: body ± 2 mm, glabrous; style column 6–10 mm, beak 1–2 mm

Seed smooth

Ecology: Open to shaded sites, disturbed ground

Elevation: < 1000 m.  

Bioregional distribution: California Floristic Province 

Distribution outside California: widespread N.America; native to Europe

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