Sunday, January 29, 2017

Calocedrus decurrens (California Incense Cedar)

7/9/16 Donnell Vista, Sonora Pass Hwy. (SR 108), Stanislaus National Forest,
Tuolumne County, Sierra Nevada, CA

7/9/16 Donnell Vista, Sonora Pass Hwy. (SR 108)

 11/4/16 Idyllwild County Park, San Jacinto Mountains, Riverside County, CA

11/4/16 Idyllwild County Park, San Jacinto Mountains

 5/19/17 William Heise County Park, 4,000' elevation,
Laguna Mountains, San Diego County, CA


COMMON NAME: California Incense Cedar

SPECIES: Calocedrus decurrens

FAMILY: Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 11/4/2016

LOCATION: Idyllwild County Park, San Jacinto Mountains, Riverside County, CA


Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Tree 20--69 m. 

Stem: trunk < 4 m diam, tapered from wide base; bark 1--2.5+ cm thick, fibrous, cinnamon-red; lower branches down-curved. 

Leaf: 3--10 mm. 

Pollen Cone: 5--7 mm, oblong, light yellow. 

Seed Cone:17--35 mm, light red-brown. 

Seed: 14--25 mm, including wing, +- yellow to red-brown, maturing fall. 

Ecology: Common. Mixed-evergreen, yellow-pine forests; 

Elevation: 350--2500 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: KR, NCoR, CaR, SN, SCoR, TR, PR, MP; 

Distribution Outside California: Oregon, western Nevada, northern Baja California. 

Note: Frequently planted as an ornamental. 

Synonyms: Libocedrus decurrens Torr.

eFlora Treatment Author: John W. Thieret, final revision by Jim A. Bartel

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  1. Wonderful, tall, girthy specimens in Southern California occur in Buckhorn Campground and Cooper Canyon along Burkhard Saddle in Angeles Nat'l Forest, and Vivian Creek Trail in the San Bernardino Nat'l Forest/San Gorgonio Wilderness. Awesome tree!