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Sidotheca emarginata (White-margined Oxytheca)

6/15/03 Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail, San Jacinto Mountains, 
San Bernardino National Forest, Riverside County, CA


COMMON NAME: White-margined Oxytheca

SPECIES: Sodotheca emarginata

FAMILY: Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)


LOCATION: Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail, San Jacinto Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Riverside County, CA


From Taxon Page of Jepson eFlora:

Stem decumbent to erect, 10–50 cm, hairy, glandular

Habit: Plant 0.3--3 dm, 0.3--5 dm diam. 

Leaf: blades 1.5--7.5 cm, 0.4--1.5 cm wide. 

Inflorescence: bract awns 1--2 mm; peduncles erect, 0.5--3 cm, glandular; involucre 4--8 mm, 9--12 mm wide, glabrous, margin white, teeth 5, awns 1--1.5 mm, +- red. 

Flower: 3--6, (2)3--4.5(5) mm; perianth white to pink, lobes with 3--5 fringed linear lobes. 

Fruit: 1.8--2 mm. 

Ecology: Gravel;

Elevation: 1200--2500 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: e PR (SnJt, Santa Rosa Mtns, Riverside Co.). 

Flowering Time: Feb--Aug
Synonyms: Eriogonum emarginatum (H.M. Hall) S. Stokes; Oxytheca emarginata H.M. Hall

eFlora Treatment Author: James L. Reveal & Thomas J. Rosatti

Listed on CNPS Rare Plant Inventory

From CNPS Rare Plant Inventory:

Rarity Status  Glossary

Notes Glossary
  • Threatened by development, grazing, recreational activities, and trampling. See University of California Publications in Botany 1: 75 (1902) for original description, Harvard Papers in Botany 9(1): 211 (2004) for revised nomenclature, and Phytologia 66(4): 388 (1989) for taxonomic treatment.

Location Glossary
  • Elevation: 1200 - 2500 meters
  • California Endemic: yes
  • States: California
  • California Counties and Islands:   name (code)
    Riverside (RIV)
  • Quads:   name (DWR code) USGS code
    Toro Peak (065C) 33116E4,  Palm View Peak (066A) 33116F5,  Idyllwild (066B) 33116F6,  Butterfly Peak (066D) 33116E5,  San Jacinto Peak (083C) 33116G6
  • Notes:
      Species may be present in other areas where conditions are favorable.

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