Saturday, November 21, 2015

False Solomon's Seal (Maianthemum stellatum)

8/16/04 Dirt road to Lundy Canyon Trail, Lundy Canyon, 
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA 

8/16/04 to Lundy Canyon Trail

7/7/05 South Fork of Rock Creek, Inyo National Forest, 
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

7/3/16 North Lake, Bishop region, Eastern Sierra, 
Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA

7/8/16 Virginia Lakes, Toiyabe National Forest, Eastern Sierra,
Mono County, CA


COMMON NAME: False Solomon's Seal 

SPECIES: Maianthemum stellatum

FAMILY: Ruscaceae (Butcher's Broom Family)


LOCATION: Dirt Road to Lundy Canyon Trail, Lundy Canyon, Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA


From Jepson Herbarium: Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Rhizome 3--5 mm diam.

Stem: 30--70 cm, straight or +- zigzag above, glabrous to puberulent. 

Leaf:> 5, 5--17 cm, (ob)lanceolate to elliptic, acuminate, abaxially puberulent; petioles 0. 

Inflorescence: raceme (or few-branched near base), generally 2--8 cm; flowers 5--15. 

Flower: perianth parts 6, 4--7 mm, > stamens, spreading, oblong to lanceolate; ovary chambers 3. 

Fruit: 7--10 mm, red-purple to black. 

Seed:2.5--3 mm, brown. 

Ecology: Moist woodland, streambanks, open slopes; 

Elevation: < 2400 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: NW, CaR, SN, CW, SW, Wrn, SNE; 

Distribution Outside California: to British Columbia, eastern North America. 

Flowering Time: Apr--Jun 

Synonyms: Smilacina stellata (L.) Desf.; Smilacina stellata var. sessilifolia (Baker) L.F. Hend.

Jepson eFlora Author: Dale W. McNeal

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