Friday, January 15, 2016

Phacelia hastata (Timberline Phacelia, Silverleaf Phacelia)

7/8/16 Virginia Lakes, Toiyabe National Forest,
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

7/9/07 Above 6,000' Hwy. 88E (Carson Pass Hwy.), El Dorado National Forest, 
Sierra Nevada, Amador County, CA

7/9/07 Hwy. 88E (Carson Pass Hwy.)


COMMON NAME: Timberline Phacelia, Silverleaf Phacelia

SPECIES: Phacelia hastata

FAMILY: Boraginaceae (Borage Family)


LOCATION: Above 6,000' Hwy. 88E (Carson Pass Hwy.), El Dorado National Forest, Sierra Nevada, Amador County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

Perennial 5–50 cm

Stem decumbent to ± erect, ± stiff-hairy, not glandular

Leaves mostly basal; blade 15–120 mm, < to = petiole, lanceolate to widely elliptic, generally entire (or 2–4-lobed or compound with 3–5 leaflets)

Flower: pedicels 0.5–3 mm; calyx lobes 3–7 mm, 5–9 mm in fruit, linear to lanceolate; corolla 4–7 mm, urn- to bell-shaped, white to lavender, scales oblong; stamens 6–10 mm, exserted, glabrous to hairy; style 7–10 mm, excerpted

Fruit 2–4 mm, ovoid, stiff-hairy

Seeds 1–3, 1.5–2.5 mm, pitted in vertical rows

Ecology: Flats, slopes, talus, scrub, coniferous forest, alpine

Elevation: 900–4000 m.  

Bioregional distribution: Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, San Bernardino Mountains, Great Basin Floristic Province 

Distribution outside California: to w Canada, South Dakota, Colorado
Ssp. intergrade.

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