Friday, February 12, 2016

Perideridia bolanderi (Bolander's Yampah)

 7/3/05 Roadside off County Road 73 to Big Sage Reservoir, Devils Garden Natural Area,
Modoc National Forest, Modoc County, CA

7/3/05 County Road 73, Modoc County

7/3/05 County Road 73, Modoc County

7/2/05 East side of Hwy. 395, south of Likely, Modoc County, CA


COMMON NAME: Bolander's Yampah

SPECIES: Perideridia bolanderi

FAMILY: Apiaceae (Carrot Family)


LOCATION: East side of Hwy. 395, south of Likely, Modoc County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):

Plant 1.5–9 dm; roots tuberous, single or 2–3-clustered, 1–7 cm

Leaf: basal petiole 2–15 cm; basal blade 10–20 cm, ± ovate, generally 1–2-ternate-pinnately dissected, segments 0.5–6 cm, thread-like to oblong, generally lobed, toothed; cauline leaves ternate-pinnately dissected or 1-ternate

Inflorescence: peduncle 2–20 cm; bracts 8–12, 3–12 mm, ± lanceolate, generally acuminate; bractlets 4–10, 3–9 mm, like bracts; rays 9–23, 1–2 cm, subequal, ascending or spreading-ascending; pedicels 2–5 mm; 2° umbels 18–30-flowered

Flower: petals 1-veined; styles 2 mm

Fruit 4–6 mm, oblong; ribs thread-like; oil tubes per rib-interval 2–3

Ecology: Meadows, scrub, pine forest, blue-oak woodland, summer-dry clay soil

Elevation: 600–2000 m.  

Bioregional distribution: Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, High Sierra Nevada, Modoc Plateau, n East of Sierra Nevada 

Distribution outside California: to Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah

Sspp. quite distinct.

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