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Trichoptilium incisum (Yellowhead, Yellowdome)

3/4/17 Shaver's Valley, E. Riverside County, CA 

3/4/17 Shaver's Valley, E. Riverside County, CA 

4/3/2011 Shaver's Valley


COMMON NAME: Yellowhead, Yellowdome

SPECIES: Trichoptilium incisum

FAMILY: Asteraceae (Sunflower Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 4/3/2011

LOCATION: Shaver's Valley, Eastern Riverside County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Annual, perennial herb, 5--25 cm, generally +- tomentose. 

Stem: 1--several from base. 

Leaf: simple, basal and cauline, alternate or +- opposite, mostly clustered in proximal 1/2 of pl, 1--3(5) cm, sessile or tapered to a short, winged petiole; blade oblanceolate to spoon-shaped or ovate, acute, sharply dentate or shallowly lobed, densely tomentose, resin-dotted. 

Inflorescence: head discoid or radiant, 1; peduncle 3--11 cm, slender, bractless, glandular-puberulent; involucre 6--12 mm diam, hemispheric or bell-shaped, often appearing +- rotate when pressed; phyllaries in 2 +- equal series, free, 5--7 mm, linear-elliptic, acute; receptacle rounded, epaleate. 

Flower:30--100+; corolla 4--7 mm, yellow (pink), outermost sometimes enlarged and +- bilateral; style-branches truncate. Fruit: 2--3 mm, obpyramidal, glabrous to densely strigose; pappus of 5 scales, each 3--5 mm, dissected into many bristles. 

Ecology: Dry slopes, plains, creosote-bush scrub; 

Elevation: < 1500 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: D; 

Distribution Outside California: southern Nevada, southwestern Arizona, northern Baja California. 

Flowering Time: Jan--May, Oct--Dec 

eFlora Treatment Author: David J. Keil

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