Monday, January 30, 2017

Potentilla gracilis (Slender Cinquefoil)

7/9/16 SR 108 (Sonora Pass Hwy.), Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest,
Sierra Nevada, Mono County, CA

 7/2/16 Horseshoe Meadow, 10,000' elevation, Lone Pine Region, 
Eastern Sierra, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA
7/3/16 Meadow restoration area, South Lake Road, Bishop region,
Eastern Sierra, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA

7/5/16 Parker Lake Road off June Lake Loop (SR 158),
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

7/7/16 Campsite next to Green Creek, Toiyabe National Forest, 
Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA


COMMON NAME: Slender Cinquefoil

SPECIES: Potentilla gracilis

FAMILY: Rosaceae (Rose Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 7/2/2016

LOCATION: Horseshoe Meadow, 10,000' elevation, Lone Pine Region, Eastern Sierra, Inyo National Forest, Inyo County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:


Habit: Plant tufted from short, thick rhizome; glands generally 0 or hidden. 

Stem: +- ascending, strigose to spreading-hairy. 

Leaf: palmate; basal generally 6--30 cm, leaflets 5--9, +- oblanceolate, +- evenly 13--23-toothed. 

Inflorescence: few- to many-flowered. 

Flower: hypanthium generally 3--5 mm wide; filaments 1.5--2.5 mm, anthers 0.6--1.6 mm; styles 1.5--2 mm, slender. 

Fruit: 1--1.5 mm, +- smooth, light brown. 

Note: Variation complex; many plants assignable to the following varieties. 

eFlora Treatment Author: Barbara Ertter

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