Friday, March 4, 2016

Leptosiphon aureus ssp. aureus (Golden Gilia, Golden Desert Trumpets)

 3/22/03 Ricardo Trail, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Kern County, CA

3/22/03 Ricardo Trail

 3/22/03 Wash/open area between visitor center and campground, Red Rock Canyon State Park,
Kern County, CA

 5/25/03 Teutonia Peak Trail, Cima Dome, Mojave National Preserve (East Mojave),
San Bernardino County, CA


COMMON NAME: Golden Gilia, Golden Desert Trumpets

SPECIES: Leptosiphon aureus ssp. aureus

FAMILY: Polemoniaceae (Phlox Family)


LOCATION: Ricardo Trail, Red Rock Canyon State Park, Kern County, CA


Treatment from The Jepson Manual (1993):


Stem thread-like, glabrous or hairy, sometimes glandular

Leaf: lobes 3–6 mm, linear

Inflorescence: flower solitary; peduncle 5–15 mm, thread-like

Flower: calyx 4–6 mm, membrane wider than ribs; corolla funnel-shaped, tube 3–5 mm, ring of hairs inside and outside, lobes 5–7 mm, oblanceolate; stamens attached in throat; stigmas 3–4 mm, excerpted. 

Corolla tube, lobes bright yellow, throat generally brighter yellow or maroon

Ecology: Pinyon-pine/oak/juniper woodland, desert flats

Elevation: < 2000 m.  

Bioregional distribution: Western Transverse Ranges (n slope), Desert  

Distribution outside California: to New Mexico, Baja California

Both subspp. occur in generally same range but rarely occur together

Flowering time: Mar–Jun

Recent taxonomic note: *Leptosiphon aureus (Nutt.) J.M. Porter & L.A. Johnson subsp. aureus

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