Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lupinus arizonicus (Arizona Lupine)

3/15/19 Desert Lily Sanctuary, Desert Center, Chuckwalla Valley,
E. Riverside County, CA

4/3/11 Shaver's Valley, E. Riverside County, CA 

4/3/11 Shaver's Valley

2/6/05 Wash off north side of Box Canyon Rd., west of Sheep Hole Oasis 
Campground, Mecca Hills, E. Riverside County, CA


COMMON NAME: Arizona Lupine

SPECIES: Lupinus arizonicus

FAMILY: Fabaceae (Pea Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 2/6/2005

LOCATION: Wash off north side of Box Canyon Rd., west of Sheep Hole Oasis Campground, Mecca Hills, E. Riverside County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Annual 1--5 dm, short-appressed- and long-spreading-hairy. 

Leaf: petiole 2.5--7 cm; leaflets 6--10, 10--40 mm, 5--10 mm wide, adaxially glabrous. 

Inflorescence: 4--24 cm, flowers spiraled, occasionally appearing +- whorled; peduncle 2--6 cm; pedicels 2--4 mm; bracts 4--8 mm, generally persistent. 

Flower: 7--10 mm; calyx 3--6 mm, lips +- equal, upper deeply lobed; banner, wings dark pink to magenta, drying blue-purple or +- white, banner spot +- yellow, in age darker magenta, keel upper margins glabrous, lower ciliate near claw. 

Fruit: often on 1 side of inflorescence, 1--2 cm, +- 5 mm wide, coarsely hairy. 

Seed: 4--6. 

Ecology: Locally common. Sandy washes, open areas; 

Elevation: < 1100 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: e DMoj, DSon; 

Distribution Outside California: Nevada, Arizona, Mexico. 

Flowering Time: Mar--May 

eFlora Treatment Author: Teresa Sholars & Rhonda Riggins

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