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Elymus condensatus (Giant Wildrye)

3/24/17 Dripping Springs trailhead, Agua Tibia Wilderness, 
Cleveland National Forest, Riverside County, CA

3/24/17 Near site #22, Dripping Springs Campground, Agua Tibia, 
Cleveland National Forest, Riverside County, CA


COMMON NAME: Giant Wildrye

SPECIES: Elymus condensatus

FAMILY: Poaceae (Grass Family)


LOCATION: Dripping Springs Trail, Agua Tibia Wilderness, Cleveland National Forest, Riverside County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Plant cespitose; rhizomes 0 or short. 

Stem: 11--35 dm, glabrous, 6--10 mm wide at base. 

Leaf: auricles 0, ligule 0.7--6 mm, blade 15--35 mm wide. 

Inflorescence: 17--44 cm, panicle-like, lower nodes with 2--6 short branches, spikelets 10--40 (including branches) per node, reduced to 3--5 in upper inflorescence, sessile or stalked. 

Spikelet: 9--25 mm, glumes 6--16 mm, awl-like, keeled; florets 3--7; lemma 7--14 mm, glabrous to hairy, acute to awn-tipped, awn < 4 mm; anthers 3.5--7 mm. 

Ecology: Dry slopes, open woodland; 

Elevation: < 1830 m.

Bioregional Distribution: CW, SW, DMoj; 

Distribution Outside California: Mexico. 

Flowering Time: Jun--Aug 

Synonyms: Leymus condensatus (J. Presl) Á. Löve

Jepson eFlora Author: James P. Smith, Jr.

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