Saturday, April 27, 2019

Lupinus gracilentus (Green Slender Lupine)

7/4/16 Rock Creek, Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra,
Mono County, CA


COMMON NAME: Green Slender Lupine

SPECIES: Lupinus gracilentus

FAMILY: Fabaceaea (Pea Family)

LIFE LIST DATE: 7/4/2016

LOCATION: Rock Creek, Inyo National Forest, Eastern Sierra, Mono County, CA

Treatment from Jepson eFlora:

Habit: Perennial herb 2--8 dm, green, puberulent to hairy. 

Stem: +- erect.

Leaf: cauline; stipules 10--15 mm; lower petiole (3)5--14 cm, upper (1)2--4 cm; leaflets 5--8, 35--80 mm, 2--5 mm wide. 

Inflorescence:6--20 cm, flowers in 4--8 whorls; peduncle 6--12 cm; pedicels 2--4 mm; bracts 4--10 mm, +- deciduous. 

Flower: 8--18 mm; calyx upper lip 7 mm, 2-toothed, lower 5--7 mm, entire to 2--3-toothed; petals blue, banner back glabrous, spot white to +- yellow, keel upper margins sparsely ciliate, lower glabrous. 

Fruit: 2--3 cm, densely hairy. 

Seed: 6--8. 

Ecology: Open moist sites, Subalpine forest; 

Elevation: 2500--3500 m. 

Bioregional Distribution: c SNH (Rock Creek, Inyo, Mono cos., to Yosemite National Park). 

Flowering Time: Jul--Sep 

Note: In need of study. 

Jepson eFlora Author: Teresa Sholars & Rhonda Riggins

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